Prinz Friedrich von Homburg (The Prince of Homburg)

by Heinrich von Kleist
Mon 25.06.
07:30 PM
Tue 26.06.
07:30 PM
Großes Haus
2 hr
no break

"Is it a dream?" – "A dream, what else." Four months before Heinrich von Kleist took his own life on the banks of the Wannsee at the age of 34, he completed his final play, "The Prince of Homburg". As both hero and anti-hero, Homburg tries to keep up with a society unable to understand him from the start. Where this society demands form, discipline and devotion, Homburg dreams of freedom, love and death.

The play ends like it began: Homburg dreams. Distraught? Domesticated? Or broken? For centuries, generations of scholars and theatre makers have been exploring Kleist’s masterpiece – undoubtedly written by a young author in an exceptional state. 

Casts & Staff

as Prinz Friedrich Arthur von Homburg
as Friedrich Wilhelm, Kurfürst von Brandenburg
as Prinzessin Natalie von Oranien u.a.
as Feldmarschall Dörfling
as Obrist Kottwitz
as Graf Hohenzollern
as Rittmeister von der Golz
  • Director: Claus Peymann
  • Set and Costume Designer: Achim Freyer
  • Lighting Designer: Ulrich Eh, Achim Freyer
  • Dramatic Advisor: Jutta Ferbers, Sarah Thielen

Ist es ein Traum? – Ein Traum, was sonst.

Heinrich von Kleist


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“A declaration of love for the theatre.”