Die Frau, die gegen Türen rannte (The Woman who walked into Doors)

by Roddy Doyle
Sun 07.10.
08:00 PM
Tue 30.10.
08:00 PM
Kleines Haus
1 hr
no break

Roddy Doyle tells the story of a woman who is addicted to alcohol and still manages to take her life into her own hands, in spite of all adversity and humiliations. A fierce monologue about love disappointed and the indefatigable attempt to take control of her life under her own steam. A precise study of milieu, with Bettina Hoppe in the role of Paula Spencer, lending impressive shape to her anti-heroine’s desires.

A production by Schauspiel Frankfurt

Casts & Staff

as Paula Spencer
  • Director: Oliver Reese
  • Set Designer: Olga Ventosa Quintana
  • Costume Designer: Lena Schwind
  • Lighting Designer: Steffen Heinke
  • Dramatic Advisor: Sibylle Baschung


“Frightening and moving at the same time.”

Theater heute

“Bettina Hoppe takes the Kleines Haus by storm.”


“Bettina Hoppe is all despondence, perplexity and energy.”

Frankfurter Rundschau