Endspiel (Endgame)

by Samuel Beckett

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Großes Haus
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In Samuel Beckett’s absurd drama, the protagonists are moving inexorably towards their apparently irrevocable fate. This play from the year 1956 is about nothing less than the end of the world: Hamm can’t stand, Clov can’t sit. Hamm is the master, Clov is the servant – and both depend on each other for survival. Stuck in two dustbins: Nagg and Nell, Hamm’s parents – the "accursed progenitors" – also unable to leave. Together, they play a never-ending endgame to counter their hopelessness, defying the perishing world with relentless irony and cheerful desperation, because: "Nothing is funnier than unhappiness."

With his production of "Endgame", Robert Wilson transfers a classic piece of world literature into one of his signature highly stylised stage cosmos’.

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Samuel Beckett


“An elementary experience of light and sound, space and language.”

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05./06.06.2018 Theater Winterthur