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International Residence Program for young Directors

Since autumn 2022 the Berliner Ensemble has been affording young directors the oppurtunity at a residency through their international WORX program. Each season, two directors are selected by a jury to work as Artists in Residence for a year.  During this period the artists are provided with a safe space and given the thematic and implementary freedom to use the Werkraum in order to realize two productions, each. The season is accompanied by complementary events and discourse formats. 

Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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+49 30 284 08 155

Der Vorverkauf für alle Vorstellungen bis 3. Juni 2024 läuft! Unsere Theaterkasse hat montags bis samstags von 10.00 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr für Sie geöffnet.

Second Year Residents: Heiki Riipinen and Alireza Dryanavard

The current WORX season opened with Norwegian director HEIKI RIIPINEN’s "Insomnia", in which he invited the audience to a six hour long journey through the night. Iranian director ALIREZA DARYANAVARD, together with co-author Mahsa Ghafari and the ensemble, explored in "Chronicle of the Revolution" the 100-year history of resistance in Iran, researching and making use of interviews and contemporary sources. 

For the second half of the season audiences can look forward to another production from each of the directors. With this year‘s Widerstandsbühne (Resistance Stage) series a discourse format is added to the program. At the end of the season a showing will present this year’s artists‘ work.

At the start oft he season both artists introduced themselves during the WORX-Eröffnungswochenende and gave first insights into their thematic undertakings and creative processes. Here you can find a recording of the event.

WORX-Premieres 2023/24



by Sonja Ferdinand and Ensemble
Directed by: Heiki Riipinen
world premiere: 6. Oktober 2023


 Chronik der Revolution

by Alireza Daryanavard and Mahsa Ghafari
Directed by: Alireza Daryanavard
world premiere: 3. Dezember 2023




by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by: Heiki Riipinen
premiere: 8.3.2024




by Damon K. Taleghani
Directed by: Alireza Daryanavard
world premiere: 4.5.2024


Management: Daniel Grünauer, Clara Topic-Matutin

Jury: Anita Augustin Huber, Theda Nilsson-Eicke, Clara Topic-Matutin (Vorsitz), Karolin Trachte

Production assistance: Kathinka Schroeder 


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