Werthers Leiden

Nach Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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Werther’s unrequited love for Lotte is an emotional roller-coaster. The publication of this epistolary novel in 1774 provoked a wave of suicides, which illustrates how much of their own lives and fates Goethe’s contemporaries found in Werther. In a furious solo performance, Isaak Dentler re-enacts Werthers unconditional search for love, fulfilment and happiness. 

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"In his portrayal, which is enhanced with performance-art elements, Dentler manages to lend a voice to an injured soul, to a text that no longer unfolds the same impact that it once did when merely read. His Werther is a contemporary. An intense show. And a remarkable appropriation of an unclassical classic.”


“Isaak Dentler is blessed with sufficient stage presence and does not need much more than a few props for his performance. He sketches the psychological profile of a young man who loses his grip of his life because his emotional exuberance pulls out the rug from under his feet. Ranging from manic happiness and grinning infatuation to fury, misogyny and a depressed, whisky-induces wooziness, Dentler marks the emotional surges of his rather unheroic hero.”

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Theater Heute