Aufzeichnungen aus dem Kellerloch (Notes from Underground)

Translation by: Swetlana Geier Edition by: Johannes Nölting
Sat 27.08.
08:00 PM
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Sun 28.08.
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Fri 30.09.
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Neues Haus
1 hr 20 min
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A life without limits in the big city, the demand for freedom and the preeminence of one’s own life plans – of a life exclusively on one’s own terms: At the end of the day, there is very little room for all of this in “real” life. So the question is: Is there such a thing as “free will”? Is it even possible to “live on your own terms”? Or are all these things only for the “happy few”, in a world that has long been priced and sold? In a process of both reckoning and rappro- chement, Dostoevsky’s protagonist goes through his life once more. He preaches and rages, always searching for a genuine life within the abysses of society. . 


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"Schauspieler Oliver Kraushaar hat bereits 2018 mit Brechts 'Lebenslauf des Boxers Samson-Körner' gezeigt, wie sehr ihm das Format des Monologes liegt. Hier gelingt es ihm in einem eindrucksvollen Kraftakt erneut."

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