Die Frau, die gegen Türen rannte (The Woman who walked into Doors)

by Roddy Doyle
Wed 20.11.
08:00 PM
Kleines Haus
1 hr
no break

Roddy Doyle tells the story of a woman who is addicted to alcohol and still manages to take her life into her own hands, in spite of all adversity and humiliations. A fierce monologue about love disappointed and the indefatigable attempt to take control of her life under her own steam. A precise study of milieu, with Bettina Hoppe in the role of Paula Spencer, lending impressive shape to her anti-heroine’s desires.

A production by Schauspiel Frankfurt

Casts & Staff

  • Director: Oliver Reese
  • Set Designer: Olga Ventosa Quintana
  • Costume Designer: Lena Schwind
  • Lighting Designer: Steffen Heinke
  • Dramatic Advisor: Sibylle Baschung


“Frightening and moving at the same time.”

Theater heute

“Bettina Hoppe takes the Kleines Haus by storm.”


“Bettina Hoppe is all despondence, perplexity and energy.”

Frankfurter Rundschau


26.9.2018 Schauspiel Dortmund