By Sonja Ferdinand and Ensemble
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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The night has always been a place for the invisible: dreams, utopias, dark fantasies and desires. It promises itself to be one of the few places that defies the constant pressure to perform and achieve. But what happens when the promise fail to deliver? When neither love, that house on the countryside, that job, that new bed, that method for sleep your learnt on YouTube - when none if it provides the rest you long for?

Our nocturnal hours has become a contemporary battleground, between artificial lights and natural darkness, between real nightmares and poetic fantasy, between work and rest. The night regenerates the workforce for higher productivity the next day, and then there are those who work at night, keeping society ticking unseen. The darkness isnt a space of either-or; It is not for singularity, but for potentiality. It’s a time, a space, an occasion, a myth, a dance, a physical ritual of pleasure and a crime scene. All at once. So who owns the night? And who owns our dreams? Who emerges victorious in this intricate struggle? Tonight we do.

In a six-hour journey through the night, Norwegian director Heiki Riipinen, his team, and the audience will meet. Together, we will discover what happens when the involuntary lonely state of insomnia becomes a chosen collective happening. Not alone in bed or in a crowded club, but in the theater. However, it's not a show. It’s a place to see the world from, to forget it ever existed, and to rediscover it. Welcome to Insomnia.



"Schnell stellt sich tatsächlich so etwas wie eine Magie der Nacht ein, ein Gefühl für diese dunkle Phase des Übergangs, die man normalerweise verpasst. Die Welt ist eine andere, wenn sie im Schatten liegt, sie ist seltsam friedlich und schön."Berliner Morgenpost

"Es geht um das gemeinsame Erleben dieser Nacht, das Theater als Lagerfeuer, als Ort wo Menschen andere Menschen kennenlernen."rbbKultur

"'Insomnia' ist ein umwerfend charmantes Projekt."Berliner Morgenpost

"Ein interessantes Experiment."taz