Claude De Demo

Claude De Demo completed her training at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. She has performed in Mannheim, Cologne, Bochum, Zurich and Frankfurt and worked with Luk Perceval, Karin Henkel, Kay Voges, Michael Thalheimer, Jan Bosse, Andrea Breth and Alexander Eisenach, among others. 2004 she was awarded as best up-and-coming actress at the NRW Theatertreffen and 2007 she received the Bochum Theater Prize. Since the 20/21 season she is part of the Berliner Ensemble.

To be seen in…

v.l. Cynthia Miacas, Stefanie reinsperger, Claude De Demo, Bettina Hoppe


By Elfriede Jelinek
Wed 14.12.
08:00 PM
Thu 15.12.
08:00 PM
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Thu 02.02.
08:00 PM

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v.l. Judith Engel, Gerrit Jansen, Claude De Demo, Martin Rentzsch, Sina Martens, Altine Emini

ANATOMIE EINES SUIZIDS (Anatomy of a Suicide)


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as Alice

Currently no Performances

as Sinaida Lebedewa "Stina Schwann"
Sat 21.01.
07:30 PM
Sun 22.01.
06:00 PM
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