"Art" ("Kunst")

by Yasmina Reza
Fri 10.11.
07:30 PM
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  • Repertoire
Großes Haus
1 hr 40 min
no break

Serge has bought a painting for a considerable price: white stripes on a white background. This painting becomes the trigger for a quarrel between three friends which will fundamentally change their lives and relationships. Serge is delighted with the painting, Marc is fiercely opposed against it and Yvan, not wanting to get on the wrong side of either of them, takes no position at all. Yasmina Reza uses this work of art as a catalyst to create a delicately sketched scrutiny of these three men, their feelings, their sensitivities, their friendship, in fact, their entire previous existence. It’s an eloquent comedy about the half-life of friendships, ideal for a captivating a trio of actors.

A production by Schauspiel Frankfurt

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“An irrestistible theatre treat.”

Frankfurter Neue Presse

“With ‘Art’, Oliver Reese truly succeeded in making art.”

Neues Deutschland


21./22.1.2020: Stadttheater, Aschaffenburg