Peitschenstück (Whip piece)

A degradation in three acts
by Damon K. Taleghani
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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+49 30 284 08 155

Der Vorverkauf für alle Vorstellungen bis 14. Juli 2024 läuft. Unsere Theaterkasse hat montags bis samstags von 10.00 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr für Sie geöffnet.

"I look at Germany and I see nothing – nothing – you have to fuck people or be related to them to see something – so I see nothing – I can’t even tell a dog from a pram."

Three more or less German birds of prey meet up at the "Adlerhorst", a fusty fetish bar. Because they are cursed, at times they channel fascism, at others the German Basic Law or the German army’s defence spending report. While they are waiting for the next low-budget flight to take them to the global south, several languages ooze from them: the languages of contempt and of dignity, of humiliation and elation. Violence and protection, transgression and consensus are among the issues discussed at this regular meeting of leather-men, as is the re-enactment of violence within the controllable confines of their own nest.  

  • Derek Nowak
  • Clara Devantié
  • Shirin Eck


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