Dekameron (The Decameron)

By Giovanni Boccaccio / A theatrical installation by Thomas Bo Nilsson
In cooperation with RambaZamba Theater

Some patience

More dates will follow soon.

Kleines Haus
4 hr

A theatrical installation by Thomas Bo Nilsson, based on Giovanni Boccaccio’s work. The Decameron is a collection of 100 novellas. The title means “Ten-day-work” and the work is regarded as the bible of narration per se. On each of these days, a king or queen is chosen to determine a field of topics. Everyone present has to make up a story and present it to the others. Thomas Bo Nilsson’s theatrical installations operate on the interfaces between theatre, visual art and performance; his theatre worlds are venues of encounters: encounters between performers and audience, between the drama’s characters and their guests, on the threshold between art and life.


In cooperation with Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.