based on Stefan Zweig
Edition by Cordelia Wege, collaboration: Johannes Nölting

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Großes Haus
1 hr 20 min
no break

It is hot and Europe is far away. The nameless doctor has persisted in a crippling state of inaction for seven years when a single encounter with another person, with another’s will, completely upsets him and he leaves his entire old life behind him. In his collection of novellas Amok, Zweig attempts a psychological analysis of his contemporaries. He shows the deformed psyches of a generation who have had the rug pulled out from under them by the Spanish flu and the world economic crisis. They stumble through the world, looking for anything to hold on to and clinging to any perceived straw – whether it is love, honour or pride. In this solo-evening, actor Cordelia Wege takes Stefan Zweig’s novellas as a point of departure, searching for the causally human in the yearning towards both oneself and community.


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3 Pressestimmen

"Atemberaubend intensiv."

Berliner Morgenpost

"Ein Abend wie ein Tornado kurz vor dem Ausbruch."

"Gegenwartsnäher und mitreißender kann man seine [Stefan Zweigs] feinnervigen Texte nicht auf die Bühne bringen."

Berliner Morgenpost