Die Vielleichtsager

Von Alexander Eisenach
Sat 10.06.
08:00 PM
Sun 11.06.
07:00 PM
Neues Haus
1 hr 20 min
no break

Taking Bertolt Brecht's didactic play Der Jasager und Der Neinsager (1930) as his starting point, Alexander Eisenach responds with a musical counterpart about "die Vielleichtsager" that are mirrored in our increasingly incomprehensible and information-overloaded present age. Brecht's Der Jasager and Der Neinsager are two versions of the same story: a boy falls ill on an expedition over a mountain pass and can go no further - how should the group act in response? In Jasager, there is an acceptance of the circumstances: The boy sacrifices himself. In Neinsager, Brecht then demonstrates the break with the circumstances. But do they still exist, the questions that we can answer unambiguously with "yes" or "no"? Or do we need a new, collective consciousness? Is a "maybe" really stanceless? Or, instead of clinging to a blind belief in progress, can it enable a change of perspective?

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2 Pressestimmen

"Eine überraschend gegenwärtige und über die Gegenwart hinausreichende Fortschreibung."

Berliner Zeitung

"Eisenach bricht oft den strengen Ton, den er von Brecht übernimmt, sodass das Ganze ein lustiger Abend, eine Satire wird."

Die Zeit