by Tennessee Williams
aus dem Englischen von Helmar Harald Fischer
Sat 21.04.
07:30 PM
  • anschließend Premierenfeier mit dem BE-Tanzorchester
Sun 22.04.
07:30 PM
Mon 30.04.
07:30 PM
  • anschließend Publikumsgespräch mit Michael Thalheimer u.a.
  • with English surtitles
Tue 01.05.
07:30 PM
  • with English surtitles
Großes Haus

Her life of inherited affluence has long since faded when Blanche decides to move in with her sister Stella, who lives in cramped conditions with her husband, Polish immigrant Stanley. Blanche’s notion of her own cultural superiority, her attitudes of grand origins and her capricious self-glorification provoke Stanley to the extreme. In a world that continually fuels dreams of individually achievable success, Blanche is a disruptive witness to their relentless decline. The fact that their dreams have long since been shattered and they are stuck in a social impasse, is something that Blanche and Stanley will only admit as far as the other is concerned, and they hate and battle each other for it. After the opening production of Brecht’s "Der kaukasische Kreidekreis" ("The Caucasion Chalk Circle"), Michael Thalheimer now stages this story of two people plummeting from a society that accepts no liability.

Casts & Staff

as Blanche
as Stella
as Stanley
as Steve
as Ein junger Kassierer, ein Arzt
as Eine Krankenschwester, eine Mexikanerin