Die Entführung Europas

A Crime Noir by Alexander Eisenach

Some patience

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Kleines Haus
1 hr 40 min
no break

Author-investigator Max Messer is suffering from writer’s block. So the assignment to solve a case of kidnapping couldn’t come at a better time. But there is far more at stake. Because the missing woman is not only in a relationship with the boss of a powerful syndicate, but her name – nomen est omen – is Europa. Along with the character of Max Messer, the play sets out to find the traces of playwright Heiner Müller (1929 – 1995), who created a radio play under this pseudonym in 1961. Against the panorama of his dark diagnoses, this furious detective story explores what needs to happen if Europe is to have a future. Alexander Eisenach has been directing his own texts and those by other authors. In 2017, he received the Kurt-Hübner-Regiepreis for young directors.

Casts & Staff

as Grace/Europa
as Margaret
as Jupiter Kingsby
as Teiresias
  • Director: Alexander Eisenach
  • Set Designer: Daniel Wollenzin
  • Costume Designer: Lena Schmid , Pia Dederichs
  • Music Director: Sven Michelson
  • Video Designer: Mareike Trillhaas
  • Lighting Designer: Steffen Heinke
  • Dramatic Advisor: Frank Raddatz

Das Herz der Finsternis schlägt noch.

Alexander Eisenach


“It is fun to follow these leaps of ideas and genres for 90 minutes – and to consider the future of Europe in the process.”

RBB Inforadio

“The dentist is the fang and the main suspect in a bold and truly very witty story, told in the manner of a crime noir.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung