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Felix‘s Room

by Adam Ganz and ScanLAB Projects
Co-Production with Komische Oper Berlin
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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+49 30 284 08 155

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A handful of letters, a chest of drawers and a sketched floor plan are all that bear witness to the life of Felix Ganz and his wife Erna in a so-called "Judenhaus" in Mainz. Here, the two were confined for a year after being evicted from their villa overlooking the Rhine. They are connected to the outside world only by sounds from the neighborhood and the view of Gestapo headquarters across the street - and by the letters Felix wrote, where the whole truth could never be written for fear that the Gestapo might read along. "Felix's Room" ist both prison and memory palace, as Felix and Erna escape their fate for brief moments - with the help of their imagination and the music which takes them back to the magnificent balls and travels of their past. From operetta waltzes to soulful operatic aria to good-humored songs of the 1920s, the sounds conjure up memories of happier times. Author Adam Ganz pieces together the life of his great-grandfather Felix using surviving letters. The starting point is the sketched floorplan of the room in Kaiserstraße and the astonishing discovery in 2019 in Mainz of the original chest of drawers which now plays its part on stage and inspires a musical intervention to.

The audience can immerse themselves in the story of Felix and Erna with the help of projected holographic effects and high-resolution 3D scans. The sophisticated technology of ScanLAB Projects makes real places, journeys and memories appear on stage as if by magic. This collaborative project gives Felix and Erna image and voice as the artists of the Komische Oper Berlin and the Berliner Ensemble give new life to their story.


Admission is free of charge. Free tickets are available at the theater box office or the webshop.

  • Adam Ganz, ScanLAB Projects Concept/Direction
  • Adam Ganz Text
  • Matt Shaw (ScanLAB Projects) Creative Director
  • meriko borogove (ScanLAB Projects) Executive Producer & Associate Director
  • James Yeatman Associate Director
  • Max Lindemann Mitarbeit Regie
  • Anetta Jones (ScanLAB Projects) Creative Producer
  • James White (ScanLAB Projects) Lead Visual Artist
  • Christoph Breidler (Komische Oper Berlin) Musical Direction/Composition
  • Tonia Ko (Supported by StoryFutures) Composition
  • Benjamin Grant Sound Design
  • Noemi Baumblatt Set collaboration & Costume
  • Hans Fründt Licht
  • Julia Jordà Stoppelhaar (Komische Oper Berlin), Karolin Trachte Dramaturgy
  • Tjadina Wake-Walker und Ryoichi Masaka (Oboe), Alexander Glücksmann und Tilo Morgner (Es-Klarinette mit B-Klarinette), Carsten Meyer und Daniel Holthaus (Bassposaune), Stefan Adam und Freia Schubert (1.Violinen), Melinda Watzel und Volker Friedrich (2. Violinen), Anton Loginov und Julia Lindner de Azevedo Conte (Viola), Felix Nickel und Christian Tränkner (Cello), Jörg Lorenz und Frank Lässig (Kontrabass), Christoph Breidler (Klavier) Musiker:innen



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