Mon 12.06.
08:00 PM
  • Zum 25. Mal
Neues Haus
1 hr 15 min
no break

An impressive audition by actor Lili Epply at Berliner Ensemble is the basis for this production. Sarah Viktoria Frick, well-known as an actor at the Vienna Burgtheater, has developed the monologue together with Lili Epply and directs the play. It explores the famous monologue by actor Nina from Chekhov’s Seagull with all the associations that it evokes. The new text is created during the rehearsal process, with the young Berlin-based author and actor Anne Kulbatzki in charge. This Nina thinks for herself, acts and asks questions that strike at the centre of our present times. For example, she openly challenges the casting process: "Why should the players’ sexual orientation be any concern of directors and casting agents?! I said players, did you hear?"

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4 Pressestimmen

"Lili Epply spielt alle Rollen mit unglaublich viel Lust, Verve und Intensität. Ihre Energie springt einem geradezu ins Gesicht."


"Ihre Energie springt einem geradezu ins Gesicht."


"Das Solo 'Möwe' am Berliner Ensemble ist ein beißender Kommentar zum sexualisierten Theaterbetrieb."

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"Mit Verve und Talent zählt Epply in Dauerschleife den diskursiven Anforderungskatalog an zeitgemäße Bühnenkunst auf."