Auf der Straße

by Karen Breece

Currently no Performances

Neues Haus
1 hr 45 min
no break

"Auf der Straße" looks at the issue of homelessness in Berlin. What happens to a person who loses their home and thus their shelter? To what extent does the loss of housing signify a loss of subsistence? Why are people who need assistance left to their own devices – in one of Europe’s wealthiest countries? What drives a society to give up its solidarity? And what does this development have to do with all of us as individuals? Together with actors from Berliner Ensemble, people affected by homelessness and a lack of shelter will develop a variety of perspectives on this topic – highlighting a societal debate which, at its core, revolves around social cohesion and a society united in solidarity.

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2 Pressestimmen

"Dem Haus gelingt damit ein politischer Auftakt, der danach fragt, wo in einem so reichen Land wie Deutschland die Menschlichkeit geblieben ist."

RBB Inforadio

"Ein Abend, der bewegt, und der auch zeigt, wie schmal der Grat ist zwischen diesen sogenannten Gewinnern und den Verlierern in diesem reichen Deutschland."

RBB Kulturradio

“Auf der Straße” will be developed as part of Berliner Ensemble’s Exzellenzreihe, sponsored by