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based on the novel by Klaus Mann
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Hendrik Höfgen is an actor and he just wants to act – to act at any price. He considers himself to be on the right side, on the side of art. He demands permission to be unpolitical in a time where this is rendered impossible. 

In his 1936 novel, Klaus Mann portrayed the famous actor Gustaf Gründgens, who rose to the rank of General Artistic Director during the NS-era in Berlin. Mephisto was the role of his life. The protagonist of Mann’s novel also ascends to the position of State Theatre Director while the regime that is establishing itself at best tolerates art and the theatres as light amusement and at worst ropes them in for its propaganda machine. Like everyone else, artists either turn into loyal party faithfuls or they are eliminated. In the end, Höfgen is forced to understand the price that he has paid for his ascent – when he has betrayed even his closest friends. The novel ends with his words: “What do these people want from me? Why do they persecute me? Why are they so harsh? I’m just an ordinary actor, after all.” Directed by Till Weinheimer, a company of five young actors have created a musical and topical adaption of the famous novel for the stage.

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