Ballroom Schmitz

by Clemens Sienknecht and Barbara Bürk

Currently no Performances

Großes Haus
1 hr 50 min
no break

In May, the legendary Ballroom Schmitz will celebrate its long-awaited comeback. Around 100 years ago, this popular live radio show was both an attraction and an institution at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm. The Radio Club’s
founder, Bernhard “Bernie” Schmitz – originally a dance instructor, figure-skating amateur and broadcasting pioneer – was in close contact with the invisible forces of the universe. His experiments towards the triumph over gravity and his development of the ether-wave violin are legendary. It is thanks to the eminent Schmitzologist Dr. Schliemann that Ballroom Schmitz is returning to BE at long last. For the opening, the live-broadcast of an anniversary event will recap the history of the Ballroom in word, dance and song.

Casts & Staff

as Nico Schmitz
as Annika Meier-Schmitz
as Tilo Schmitz
as Friedrich Para-Schmitz-Cini
as Owen Peter Schmitz
as Dr. Schliemann
as Clemens Schmitz

Ein Leben zu schön um wahr zu sein.