Mütter und Söhne

by Karen Breece
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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+49 30 284 08 155

Der Vorverkauf für alle Vorstellungen bis 14. Juli 2024 läuft. Unsere Theaterkasse hat montags bis samstags von 10.00 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr für Sie geöffnet.

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Why do young people become radicalised? In Germany as well as world-wide, new and old right-wing extremists are stirring up hatred against minorities and foreigners. They preach violence and promote a toxic, militant masculinity. Who are these young people and what do they want? Do certain familial constellations facilitate their radicalisation? What are the roles of mothers in all of this, or of fathers? How do mothers deal with the radicalisation of their children? Based on interviews and conversations with experts, director Karen Breece will develop a text on this issue and stage it together with the company.



“Corinna Kirchhoff and Bettina Hoppe are convincing as suffering mothers who are also prepared to fight.”rbb Inforadio

“Karen Breece lets us look into this family’s abysses, setting up a kind of sociological test arrangement.”3sat Kulturzeit

"Corinna Kirchhoff und Bettina Hoppe überzeugen als leidende und doch auch kampfbereite Mütter."RNN Inforadio

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