by Mario Salazar
Sat 27.04.
08:00 PM
sold out
  • afterwards opening night party
Mon 29.04.
08:00 PM
Sat 04.05.
08:00 PM
Sun 05.05.
08:00 PM
  • 7.00 p.m. introductory talk, public discussion after the show with Nicole Oder
Sat 11.05.
08:00 PM
Sun 12.05.
08:00 PM
Wed 29.05.
08:00 PM
  • 7.30 p.m. introductory talk
Thu 30.05.
08:00 PM
Kleines Haus

Amir is the son of Arabic immigrants. As stateless Palestinians, they cannot be deported, but neither are they really accepted. No residence permit means no work permit, no work means no integration. A spiral of rejection, frustration, anger and crime shapes the lives of Amir and his family. Amir is driven by his yearning for a “better” life. From his perspective, this simply means a life in material riches. But when he meets Hannah and falls in love with her, his views of the world and of his own circumstances are changed. He tries to escape his fate. Amir’s is the story of a young migrant in Germany today: between total refusal and a desperate wish to assimilate, between a hyphened identity and clan affiliation.

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„Amir“ entstand im Rahmen des Autoren-Programms, ermöglicht durch die