by Albert Camus
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In this drama, which Albert Camus began to work on in 1938 and which he repeatedly revised under the impression of European fascism, the playwright sketches the portrait of a politician unfettered by laws or morals. In the face of a world that is apparently wholly indifferent to suffering, Caligula decides to become as cruel as God. Randomly, he humiliates, disowns and murders his subjects and accuses all those who abide by the significance of certain concepts of meaning or values of lying – thus questioning anything that normally organizes the everyday lives of individuals or the coexistence of communities. Director Antú Romero Nunes has made a name for himself with productions that showcase a joy of acting and his sense of the grotesquely comical. He launches the era of the theatre’s new artistic direction with a fundamental question: What are the principles underlying individual lives, society and political power in an apparently absurd world?


We regularly present performances of "Caligula" with English surtitles. You can find the dates here. Our box office staff will be happy to tell you from which seats you will have a good sight-line to the surtitles. For the best view of both stage and surtitles, we recommend seats in the stalls (Parkett) from row 11, or in the balconies (1. Rang, 2. Rang). Seats in the side boxes have a partially obstructed view.

Die meisten Menschen sind unfähig, in einer Welt zu leben, in der der absonderlichste Gedanke jeden Augenblick Wirklichkeit werden kann. Albert Camus


“Constanze Becker renders Caligula as a feverishly-cold killer vamp, a clear-sighted lunatic, a monster convincingly disgusted by life and its fellow human beings.”Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Antú Romero Nunes produces impressive, powerful images.”Berliner Morgenpost

“An equally philosophical and political show”dpa

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16.10.2018 Stadttheater Duisburg