Felix Krull

Stunde der Hochstapler
based on Thomas Mann
Tue 15.10.
07:30 PM
Thu 24.10.
08:00 PM
Thu 31.10.
07:30 PM
Fri 08.11.
07:30 PM
  • 7.00 p.m. introductory talk in the grand foyer
Sat 23.11.
07:30 PM
  • with English surtitles
Tue 31.12.
05:00 PM
Tue 31.12.
09:00 PM
Großes Haus
1 hr 30 min
no break

Felix – the Lucky One – son of a bankrupt manufacturer of sparkling wine, is a master in the art of showing people exactly what they want to see in him. His special kind of luck is being able to be anything in a world of forgeries, a world that no longer knows any truth. So he is what he seems to be, authentic in deceit, an expert of creative self-marketing. The director and author Alexander Eisenach will write a play about the confidence trickster as the epitome of modern mankind, constantly self-producing (premiere in December). As a prelude, he will look at the supreme example from literary history: "Felix Krull" – Thomas Mann’s captivating parody of the artistry of brilliant appearances which, in the end, produce the very thing that they are not: life itself – a veritable con.



5 Pressestimmen

"Ein ideenreiches, kalauersattes Assoziatonsgewitter."

Rbb 24

"Jonathan Kempf, Neuzugang im Berliner Ensemble, beweist hier schon mal sein Talent für rotzige Komik."

RBB Kultur

"Alexander Eisenach inszeniert 'Felix Krull' am Berliner Ensemble als genialen Influencer."

Tip Berlin

"Hier wird performt, gespielt, gefaket, was das Zeug hält. Marc Oliver Schulze eröffnet den Reigen mit einer virtuosen Geigennummer."

Stage and Screen

"The excellent ensemble manage to make the slapstick charming instead of cringy, landing every laugh they are going for, making it easy enough to deceive yourself into having a good time."