Eine Frau - Mary Page Marlowe

by Tracy Letts
Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1
10117 Berlin
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If you were going to tell your life story, which moments would you choose? In eleven scenes, subtly skipping forwards and backwards in time, Pulitzer Prize-winner Tracy Letts unfolds a woman’s life in all its deeply eventful normality. Different actors portray the main character in various key situations, outlining hopeful moments and misfortunes, instances of fulfilment and of doubt. They sketch a full life, revealing itself in fragments, like a dear acquaintance’s photo album would open to the eye of a beholder. When can a life be considered a success? Following his world-wide hit of “August: Osage County”, Tracy Letts has written a delicate text about a perfect life with all its imperfections; David Bösch, one of the German theatre’s more sensitive story tellers, is the director.

Wie würde Ihr Leben aussehen, wenn Sie die Wahl hätten? Tracy Letts


“A strong cast, a congenial stage design and the a-chronological order of the scenes lend a pull to the production that is hard to escape.”ZITTY

“But this moving portrait of a woman who has lost herself between the outdated role models of the 1950s and the self-actualisation of the 1980s, and who now wonders who is responsible for what remains at the end of a life – this portrait makes the visit to the theatre absolutely worthwhile.”Deutschlandfunk


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