Marc Oliver Schulze

Marc Oliver Schulze studied at the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich. After his first engagement in 2000 at the Münchner Kammerspiele, he went on to the Residenztheater Munich and the Schauspielhaus Bochum, until Oliver Reese brought him to Frankfurt in 2009. He has worked with Dieter Dorn, Thomas Langhoff, Jan Bosse, Michael Thalheimer, Andreas Kriegenburg, Stefan Pucher and Falk Richter, among others. From 2013 on he worked freelance and in addition to theater, he also worked for television and as a voiceover artist. At BE he has already appeared as a guest in "Medea" and "The Reunification of the Two Koreas". Since the 2019/20 season Marc Oliver Schulze has been part of the Berliner Ensemble.

To be seen in…


Constanze Becker (Medea)


by Euripides
as Jason
Tue 01.03.
08:00 PM
Wed 02.03.
07:30 PM

Currently no Performances

v.l. Oliver Kraushaar, Armin Wahedi, Cynthia Micas, Marc Oliver Schulze

Gott ist nicht schüchtern (City of Jasmine)

by Olga Grjasnowa

Currently no Performances

Currently no Performances

Sat 12.02.
08:00 PM
Sun 13.02.
07:00 PM
  • For the 25th time.

v.l. Katharina Beatrice Hierl, Lili Epply, Sophie Scherrieble, Jasha Deppe, Marine Madelin. Lea Nora Härtel

HEXENJAGD (The Crucible)

German Translation by Hannelene Limpach and Dietrich Hilsdorf, Collaboration: Alexander F. Hoffmann
as John Proctor

Currently no Performances

Currently no Performances