Die letzte Station

by Ersan Mondtag

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Kleines Haus
1 hr 40 min
no break

Death, the end of every life, is the central theme of Ersan Mondtag’s new work. What is left when this end comes? What will come afterwards? Is there an "afterwards"? And: What is the purpose of it all? A small community of ageing, dying women and men have congregated for the final chapter of their lives. They live in harmony and self-determination in their own cosmos, a rural idyll – until the arrival of new female fellow lodger throws them off kilter. She struggles against this forced idyll, against the community inflicted on her, and against her imminent demise. Their peaceful everyday routines are suddenly questioned and turned upside down. As a result, there is singing, laughter, tears – and death. In "Die letzte Station", the wide spectrum of human life and death is concentrated.

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