Eine griechische Trilogie

By Simon Stone

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Großes Haus
3 hr 20 min
1 break

If the ancient theatre was able to create complex and independent female characters two and a half thousand years ago – what has gone wrong between then and now? Can we truly be an equitable and just society without a theatre that reproduces these conditions? Eine griechische Trilogie creates a history of female resistance in three plays, one of which is performed by an all-female cast, one by an all-male and the third by the entire company, including actors like Constanze Becker, Stefanie Reinsperger, Caroline Peters and Martin Wuttke. Eine griechische Trilogie will be the first production in Berlin by Simon Stone, the winner of multiple awards (Nestroy-Preis 2015, 2016, Berliner Theatertreffen 2017).


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"Ein Schauspieler*innenfest auf Champions-League-Niveau."


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