Ludwig Wandinger

Ludwig Wandinger is working on the axis between improvised and electronically produced contemporary music.

After growing up in his musical family in Weilheim, he moved to Berlin in 2014 where he studied drums at the Jazzinstitute Berlin under the guidance of John Hollenbeck and Jim Black. Since then he has worked and performed with musicians like Philipp Gropper, Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, Uli Kempendorff, Dan Nicholls, Ronny Graupe, Elias Stemeseder, Tobias Delius, Greg Cohen, Lucia Cadotsch, Sebastian Gille, Oli Steidle, Antonis Annissegos, Andrea Parkins, the Bundesjazzorchester, Felix Henkelhausen and many more. He has performed and toured with a variety of ensembles in South America, Swiss, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Philippines, Poland, Indonesia, Iceland, Germany, Austria, and Romania.