by Lion Feuchtwanger
In an adaptation by Luk Perceval and Sibylle Baschung
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07:00 PM
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Großes Haus

Paris, 1935: a pulsating metropolis at the centre of Europe. The city has become a place of exile for thousands who had to leave Germany after the National Socialists seized power in 1933. As early as the 1920s, Lion Feuchtwanger was one of the first who recognised how dangerous Hitler and his party were going to be. In his novel Exil, completed in 1939, he managed to bring the time before the outbreak of the Second World War to life – for the coming generations who would not be able to comprehend how most people did nothing although the brute force of the National Socialist rulers became more and more apparent. Feuchtwanger’ characters struggle with the question of what it means to do "the right thing" in this situation and tell stories of careerism, opportunism, oppression, moral courage, love and betrayal. 

Casts & Staff

as Sepp Trautwein
as Anna Trautwein
as Hanns Trautwein
as Erna Redlich
as Walther Reichsfreiherr von Gehrke („Spitzi“), u.a.
as Erich Wiesener
as Maria Hegner
as Lea de Chassefiere
as Raoul de Chassefiere
as Franz Heilbrun / Leonhard Riemann
as Louis Gingold
as Konrad Heydebregg, u.a.
as Ilse Benjamin / Charlotte Bittner
  • Regie: Luk Perceval
  • Bühne: Anette Kurz
  • Mitarbeit Bühne: Emmanuelle Bischoff
  • Kostüm: Ilse Vandenbussche
  • Musik: Rainer Süßmilch
  • Sound Engineering: Jannes Noorman
  • Choreografie: Ted Stoffer
  • Licht: Rainer Casper
  • Dramaturgie: Sibylle Baschung

With the kind support of the Aventis Foundation.