by Bertolt Brecht
Sat 10.06.
07:30 PM
Sun 11.06.
06:00 PM
Großes Haus
3 hr
1 break

Baal is ablaze. He scorches his life like a torch. Driven by lust and aversion, he bulldozes himself and the people who surround him through a life with no base. Society worships him as a poet and despises him as a person. He, in turn, sees nothing good, nothing of value in humankind. Baal, this ruthless anarchist, enchants us as a poet and cynically philosophical thinker who is destroyed by the amorality of the world and the abysses of life. "Baal’s art of living", Brecht explained in 1954, "shares the fate of all other arts in capitalism: It is met with hostility. He is antisocial, but in an antisocial society."

We regularly present performances of "Baal" with English surtitles. You can find the dates here. Our box office staff will be happy to tell you from which seats you will have a good sight-line to the surtitles. For the best view of both stage and surtitles, we recommend seats in the stalls (Parkett) from row 11, or in the balconies (1. Rang, 2. Rang). Seats in the side boxes have a partially obstructed view.

Casts & Staff

as Eckart
as Mech, Hauswirtin, Gendarm 1
as Pschierer, Lupu, Watzmann
as Dr. Piller, Doktor
as Kellnerin Luise, Der Geistliche
as Johanna, Claude
as Amtsbote, Die jüngere Schwester
as Kellnerin Marie, Sophie
as Emilie Mech, Der Klavierspieler, Gendarm 2
as Johannes und Mutter
as Die ältere Schwester, Ein junges Weib, Soubrette
as Horgauer, John


5 Pressestimmen

“This ‘Baal’ is a triumph for Stefanie Reinsperger.”

Berliner Morgenpost

“Director Ersan Mondtag has staged the story like a Tim Burton fantasy film.”


“A superb Stefanie Reinsperger […] lends the grace of an expertly ruptured perspective to this ‘protozoan’ Baal. If Brecht’s own Baal was impossible to rein in, in her sophisticated and rabid portrayal, he cannot be grasped any longer at all: A phenomenal achievement beyond all gender-boundaries.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“With its consistent artificiality and ambiguity, this production lets Baal’s misery and disconnection from society hit the audience like a punch to the gut. ‘We understand nothing. But there we feel some things’, Baal says. And how!”

RBB 24

“More goose-bumps than on any ghost train. Would you want to see this performance again? Absolutely not. The experience was far too good.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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