by Bertolt Brecht
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Großes Haus
1 hr 30 min
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Baal is ablaze. He scorches his life like a torch. Driven by lust and aversion, he bulldozes himself and the people who surround him through a life with no base. Society worships him as a poet and despises him as a person. He, in turn, sees nothing good, nothing of value in humankind. Baal, this ruthless anarchist, enchants us as a poet and cynically philosophical thinker who is destroyed by the amorality of the world and the abysses of life. "Baal’s art of living", Brecht explained in 1954, "shares the fate of all other arts in capitalism: It is met with hostility. He is antisocial, but in an antisocial society."

Casts & Staff

as Johannes, Mutter
as Eckart
as Mech, Hauswirtin, Gendarm 1
as Emilie Mech, Der Klavierspieler
as Pschierer, Lupu, Watzmann
as Dr. Piller, Doktor
as Kellnerin Luise, Der Geistliche
as Amtsbote, Die jüngere Schwester, Gendarm 2
as Kellnerin Marie, Sophie
as Die ältere Schwester, Ein junges Weib, Soubrette
as John, Claude

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