Glaube und Heimat

by Karl Schönherr
Thu 05.12.
07:30 PM
  • afterwards opening night party
Fri 13.12.
07:30 PM
  • public discussion after the show with Michael Thalheimer
Fri 20.12.
07:30 PM
Großes Haus

This play deals with the violent displacement of the Protestants who resisted their forced conversion by the authoritarian Catholic regime of the Hapsburgs in the 19th century. Stigmatised and brutally hounded, people faced the choice of either submitting to the authorities or to lose their homes. The Rott family, who are at the centre of this story, and their neighbours have to make a crucial decision. The issue is nothing less than the existential relationship of each and every human being with the world. Which bond is most necessary in life (and for survival): the bond with other people, with places, things or convictions?

Casts & Staff

as Alt-Rott, sein Vater
as Der Spatz, sein Sohn
as Peter Rott, sein Bruder
as Sandperger zu Leithen
as Englbauer von der Au
as Die Mutter der Rottin
as Unteregger, Schwager der Rottin
as Ein Reiter des Kaisers
as Bader, Schreiber

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