Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui)

by Bertolt Brecht

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Großes Haus
2 hr 45 min
1 break

"Great political villains should absolutely be exposed – and preferably to ridicule. Because they are in fact not great political villains at all, but rather perpetrators of great political crimes, which is something entirely different." Bertolt Brecht’s adage applies to his ARTURO UI more than anyone else: His parable on the seemingly inevitable rise of dictator Arturo Ui recounts all the brashness, unscrupulousness, impudence and brutality of this obsequious upstart and at the same time is a sober analysis of all those whose opportunism and profit-seeking enable this rise in the first place. Heiner Müller’s legendary production starring Martin Wuttke has been a part of Berliner Ensemble’s repertory for 20 years – and is more relevant in 2017 than ever before.  

Casts & Staff

as Arturo Ui
as Dockdaisy/ Ms. Dullfeet
as Mable Sheet
as Blutige Frau
as Händler
as Gaffles
as Dullfeet
as O'Casey/ Balkonredner
as Sheet/ Ragg/ Reporter
as Schauspieler
as Goodwill
as Flake/ Ansager
as Händler
as Dogsborough jun./ Leibwächter
as Händler
as Bowl/ Inna
as Leibwächter
as Dogsborough


“Martin Wuttke’s every fibre, his facial expressions, intonation and body language render Arturo Ui’s insanity utterly tangible.”

Berliner Morgenpost